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Posted on: 2015-03-23 07:32:00.0Classification: Business - biz opportunities
New ptc website update daily
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Posted on: 2015-03-19 20:22:02.0Classification: Community - pets
GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 6 DC 50 COLLAR DOG S---$450usd
Email us at:- Skype: AABULAI Website:- Note:Serious Buyer's Contact Only by... Astro is the premier high-sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for sporting dogs. This unique system pinpoints your dog’s position and shows you exactly where he is, even when you can’t see or hear him. Includes the newest, upgraded DC-40 transmitter collar! Here is our Best wholesale prices, Warranty policy, Return policy, Garmin Tracking Collars & Systems for Dogs. The New TT15 collar is compatible for Astro 320 and Alpha 100 GPS. We sell extra dog collars for the DC40,DC50,TT5,TT10 and TT15 if needed. Here is our Best wholesale prices GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 6 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ----$450usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 5 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ----$350 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 4 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ----$300 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 3 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ---$250 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 2 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ---$200 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 1 DC 50 COLLAR DOG ---$150 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320--DC 40 ---------- GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 1 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$100 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 2 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$150 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 3 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$210 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 4 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$270 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 5 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$300 usd GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS + 6 DC 40 COLLAR DOG ----$400 usd Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 5 TT10 Collars Cost $630 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 4 TT10 Collars Cost $500 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 3 TT10 Collars Cost $430 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 2 TT10 Collars Cost $300 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 1 TT10 Collar Cost $230 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 5 TT15 Collars Cost $700 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 4 TT15 Collars Cost $590 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 3 TT15 Collars Cost $450 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 2 TT15 Collars Cost $350 USD Garmin Alpha 100 Hand
Posted on: 2015-03-18 18:39:40.0Classification: Business - franchise
HOW I GOT MY $700,000 LOAN
God has bless me with three kids and a loving husband, i promise to share this Testimony because of God favor in my life, 4 months ago i was in desperate need of money so i thought of having a loan then i ran into wrong hands who claimed to be a loan lender not knowing he was a scam. He collected $1,860 from me and refuse to email me, since then i was confuse,but God came to my rescue, one faithful Sunday i went to church after the service i share idea with a Church member and she introduce me to a loan agency called Queen William said she was given $300,000 by the loan agency. I collected the loan agency email address and i emailed them on Monday morning, he told me the rules and regulation and i followed. After processing of the Documents he gave me a loan of $700,000 . Anyone can contact him through: and i know that he must lend because they are the best.
Posted on: 2015-03-13 09:35:00.0Classification: Services - others
1-855-720-4168 Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number
Yahoo is undoubtedly one of the biggest email providers in the world. It has surfaced as a great web email service and that is why almost everyone has a yahoo account for sure. However, there can be some problems that you can face while signing in to your mail. Most of these issues would be easily fixed by the technical support team, but if you get a little more knowledge about the working of this service, you can fix many yahoo issues on your own too. Some of the common yahoo email problems today are such as: ·         Malware issues ·         Yahoo mail spam ·         Forgetting your password ·         Getting your yahoo email account hacked ·         The account getting deactivated on its own ·         Issues in adding attachments to the mail ·         Receiving mails from unknown sources and that are unwanted ·         There are also problems with the settings provided in the yahoo account ·         Yahoo mail customer service phone number: 1-855-720-4168
Posted on: 2015-03-13 09:35:08.0Classification: Services - professional
1-855-205-0915 Kaspersky Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number
When it comes to securing computers from virus, kaspersky is a very popular name for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons that have contributed to its popularity is that it works well across multiple platforms. For both, of the major operating systems, Macintosh and windows, kaspersky has been found to be suitable and efficient. The other reason behind the popularity of kaspersky virus removal software has been the increased awareness of people. Earlier, people used to be ignorant of the need of antivirus software but with the change in usability things have also changed. With internet bringing everything at your doorstep, you not only need to stay connected round the clock but also you can avoid uploading loads of important info on your system. In such a scenario, many people are dialing kaspersky support number 1-855-205-0915 so that they can get their system and information secured.
Posted on: 2015-03-12 12:54:01.0Classification: Services - professional
Psychotherapy and coaching from 39$ in skype and viber
Effective online therapy, counselling and coaching method saves your time and makes you feel results from the first sessions! I'm certified therapist, coach and career consultant with 4+ years of experience. Please add me to skype: m_dickey or viber +380962169411 to set up an appointment Read about results from my clients on
Posted on: 2015-03-08 08:41:05.0Classification: Services - computer
Computer Services For All!
OUR SERVICES: On-Site Computer Service, Drop-Off Repair, Internet Pop-Ups, Virus Removal and Protection, Spyware Removal and Protection, Wireless Networking Security, General PC Clean Up, Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair, Blue Screen, Backup Solutions, Data Recovery, Printer/Scanner Installation, Software Support, Software Support/Installation, File Transfers, PC Upgrades (Software/Hardware), Memory Upgrades, Hard Drive Upgrades, Network Installation. Visit: [computer stores kansas city, computer repair kansas, computer fix it wichita ks, affordable pc repair][computer repair andover, augusta computer repair, andover computer repair, support for my pc]
Posted on: 2015-03-06 10:18:39.0Classification: Vehicles - motorcycles
FOR SALE:: 2014 SUZUKI Hayabusa - GSX1300R
Bike 2014 SUZUKI Hayabusa - GSX1300R Price $4,000* Odometer 20,700 kms Displacement: 1298cc Body Super Sport Colour Black/red Engine Capacity 1340 Reg Plate 1E4DB Road Worthy Certificate Yes VIN Js1ck111300101968 RefCode SSE-AD-2099323 Phone Number: +447035937859 Contact Number: +447011140095 Sales Manager::: +447035914611
Posted on: 2015-03-06 10:18:45.0Classification: Vehicles - motorcycles
FOR SALE:: BMW C650GT 647cc scooter(2014-current)
BMW C650GT 647cc scooter(2014-current) Year: 2014 Price: $4,000 Make:BMW Model:C650GT Type:Scooter Mileage:7 StockNumber:C93772 VIN:WB101340XDZC93772 Color:VERMILLIONRED EngineSize:647cc Phone Number: +447035937859 Contact Number: +447011140095 Sales Manager::: +447035914611
Posted on: 2015-02-27 00:08:17.0Classification: Pets - other pets for sale
Tropical Asian Golden quality Red Arowana Fish
We are the Leading exporter and breeder of tropical Aquarium live fish.Our Fishes are of healthy and strong. We have the following Arowana fishes available for sale now: 24k Golden arowana, Super Red, Red Asian Arowana, Xback Golden, Red arowana, jardini Arowana, Chili Red, Malaysia blue base Golden Arowana. Available selling sizes range from 2inch to 20inches and up. All equipped with certificates and cites permit.All our fishes are fully certified and licensed for sale, tagged with Passive Integrated Transporter and each has a certificate of warranty . We do shipped worldwide without any problems or complication being encountered. Re-sellers are welcomed to inquire. contact us now text or call via: (646) 349-9002 email INTERESTED BUYERS SHOULD CONTACT WITH 1)EMAIL ADDRESS 2)COUNTRY OF ORIGIN 3)NUMBER OF AROWANA REQUIRED
Posted on: 2015-02-26 07:42:16.0Classification: Electronics - mobile phones
Order in Bulk: Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus,Samsung Galaxy 4G J1
Bulk sales Limited is the distributor premiere online wholesale and liquidation company helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete against larger enterprises who buy bulk, Products are sold by the case and prices of our wholesale supplies are as cheap or many cases cheaper than wholesale suppliers who buy in bulk products below Merchandise Wholesale NOTE: The products are brand new sealed in the box FACTOR ORIGINAL COMES WITH COMPLETE ACCESSORIES Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus Apple iPad Mini and iPad Air 2 Samsung Galaxy 4G J1 Samsung Galaxy J1 Samsung Galaxy Z1 Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sony Xperia Z2 Sony Xperia Z3 Sony Xperia Z1 Korg Arranger Workstation Keyboard Pa3X (76-Key) Korg Pa800 - Professional Korg Keyboard Pro Pa2X Korg Pa50 Korg ZERO4 Live Control Mixer Korg KM-402 4-Channel DJ Mixer KAOSS Live Control Console Mixer Korg ZERO8 Korg Pa1X Pro LATEST PLAYSTATION 4 PS4 CONSOLE + 2 WIRELESS CONTROLLER LATEST SONY XBOX CONSOLE + 2 WIRELESS CONTROLLER Email: Skype: compra.venta35 WhatsApp Chat: +254700715867