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Fika and Buddies supply animal assisted therapy in Boston, MA. AAT is an emerging kind of healing intervention in which animals are utilized as tools for customers to get self-understanding and emotional development. Pet and equine assisted psychotherapy is a type of treatment, a field of mental health that recognizes the bond in between animals and human beings and the potential for emotional healing that can happen when a relationship is formed in between the 2 species.
Fika and Friends offer inspirational, instructional and recreational interactions that improve individuals's lifestyle. Literacy programs help children improve their reading skills by reading. Even more, the animal interaction inspires rehabilitation patients to walk again, teaches kids in special-education classrooms important life abilities, and assists in therapy sessions in mental health centers.
Animal assisted therapy is believed to be an efficient short-term therapeutic method for both individuals and families, attending to a variety of psychological health issue, consisting of behavioral problems, depression and stress and anxiety, low self esteem, eating conditions, ADD/ADHD, post traumatic stress disorder, and relationship problems. While there is a need for research to support anecdotal evidence of the efficiency of animal assisted psychiatric therapy.

Address: 37 Mill Road, Ipswich, MA, 01938, USA.
Phone: (617) 872-2399.

Address 37 Mill Road, Ipswich, MA, 01938, USA
Fika and Friends boston
Fika and Friends boston
Fika and Friends boston